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September 15, 2011

So, finally it’s finished!  3 and a half years since the beginning and now finally I have the results…but not the piece of paper.

It’s odd.  I’ve finished lots of modules before but never had such a sense of relief…or anticlimax.  I thought I’d feel elated at being able to say ‘I have’ rather than ‘I’m doing’ this MA.  I can feel satisfaction dawning though as I talk to my peers about results and plans for the future.  I thought maybe I’d feel disappointed not to be in class with all the fascinating people I’ve met over the course of my studies, but I guess I felt that when the module ended.  Thankfully, after my experience of H807, I’m not too fussed that I’m not studying anymore and the rose tinted view of intellectual inquiry has yet to appear.  I’m enjoying having weekends and the lack of guilt at not doing any work (although I should really be doing some course writing now).

And of course, all the best to everyone who just finished – do let me know how you got on and what you’re up to next:)

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