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Now based in Oxford, I’ve been teaching English for about 13 years in (in order of appearance) Ireland, Italy, Japan, Romania, France, England and Malaysia.  I’ve always been drawn to learning technologies and using ICTs in the classroom and to help my students develop independence in their learning journeys.  This interest came into being when I did my DELTA in 2004/5, when I first did webquests as my Experimental Practice assignment – it went so well, I’ve been doing them ever since and have continued exploring what the web has to offer.

I have found though that what the web really has to offer is access to other people, which is what started me on my MA.  I did it part time, while working full time, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I really enjoyed the contact with people in similar situations and learning about their experiences.  It was also very helpful to relate everything I was learning to what I was doing every day so I could change my practice as I learned.  I found it particularly helpful when managing other teachers and using portfolio thinking to help them decide how they wanted to develop and reflecting on their progress.

So now that my MA is (nearly) finished, I find myself wondering what to learn next…

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