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MA in Online and Distance Education

The MA is available from the Open University UK.  My end date is 3 and a half years from when I started and spans 3 different countries of residence!  It has been hard work but very much worth the effort.

‘This masters degree course is part of a programme that starts with the Postgraduate Certificate in Online and Distance Education and culminates in the MA. These qualifications are presented by The Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology and are open to students from countries all over the world. They offer you the unique opportunity to study the theory and practice of online and distance education through modules designed by experts from the Institute who are now using information technology to reinvent open distance learning. Working with them, in collaboration with colleagues from around the world you will be at the forefront of the latest developments as they happen’.

The modules I took are described below on the OU website:

H804 Implementing Online and Distance Learning

This course covered aspects of ODL such as understanding learner needs, course and programme design, supporting learners and managing for quality.

H808 The Elearning Professional

‘Understand the evolving practices of elearning, online tools, resources and eportfolios in personal and professional development, and then explore the pedagogic theories underlying them.

ET821 Education for Development

‘What role can education play in international development? Education is a key focus of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals; in addition to the specific education targets, education is crucial to achieving other goals. This course explores the relationship between education and development, and helps you analyse and act on education practices and processes in developing and transition countries. The study materials centre around case files focused on different topic areas including teachers, use of new technologies and gender equality in education, in educational settings (both formal and non-formal) at local, national and international level across the globe.’

H810 Accessible Online Learning: Supporting Disabled Students

‘Examine the learning experiences of disabled students, the technical aspects of accessibility, and the current debates and discussions about disability and accessibility in educational contexts’.

H807 Innovations in Elearning

‘Discover the latest developments in elearning and reflect on how they are changing relationships between teachers, learners and technology. This course invites you to question what constitutes true innovation and why some innovations are adopted more readily than others. It gives you the concepts and tools to analyse learners’ experiences with new technologies in terms of issues of privacy, accessibility and usability. You’ll develop specific elearning and etutoring skills (including online group moderation and elearning activity design), conduct small-scale investigations and use case studies, with the overall aim of incorporating or rethinking elearning activity into your own professional context’.


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